The Resort is OPEN! Event Space coming Spring 2020


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At Quincy-Coldwater Parties & Vacation Rentals we are all about creating a truly, unique place for families and friends to be together that is "Like No Otter".  To do that we specialize in flexibility.  We understand everyone is different, so we are not going to try to force you into our box.  Here you build your own box.  You let us know what you need and we will do our best to let you spend your time with us Partying and/or Relaxing "Like No Otter."

Event Space - Coming May 2020


Event Space coming Spring 2020

On Pointe Lakefront Resort


Lake views and water fun in a clean, comfortable, modern setting at one of our four cottages nestled away in a quiet corner of Randall Lake on the northern chain of lakes in Michigan's Coldwater Country. Rent one or rent them all.

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